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Start with Why | How to Find Your Purpose

FIND YOUR PURPOSE Are you struggling in life?  Do you find that you can’t complete projects?  As a student, are you failing classes or simply not really learning?  Is your job not really work, but a passion that wakes you up more than coffee?  It all begins with finding your...

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The Day I Ruined My Blog

My stomach just dropped as I read the words:  “… closed your acccount…”.  I had JUST started monetizing through Amazon Assocaties, and I had a pin go VIRAL.  But I ignorantly broke a rule (my own fault for not being more careful), and they were cutting me loose.  I was...

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Thank you for Subscribing

Hello Gorgeous!!! Thank you for Subscribing to Mr and Mrs Math.  We are thrilled that you trust us enough to share your private information.  We will do everything in our power to protect this, and will never share it without your permission FIRST.   Please feel free to email us at...

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First Mr and Mrs Math Post

My, OUR.  First.  Post.  Ever.  I’m NERVOUS.  Will you like our content?  I’m EXCITED, like bursting-at-the-seams, shout-from-the-rooftop excited.  It’s the middle of the night, after 2 am, and my brain is going a million miles an hour.  The hamster in its wheel in my brain is like the Energizer Bunny.  Couldn’t...